Grupo Tampico Evolves into GT GLOBAL

May 30, 2016

With great pride, the brothers Herman H. and Robert Fleishman, President and CEO of this organization, presented GT GLOBAL as the new image of Grupo Tampico, as a result of its constant evolution in a global environment and its commitment to creating value through its clients, collaborators, suppliers, and community.

This family business, with more than 104 years of history, is currently headed by the fourth generation of the Fleishman family and maintains its clear vision for the future, integrating its more than 22 brands in the sectors: Automotive, Financial, Plastics, Logistics, Hospitality, Real Estate, and Services.

GT GLOBAL is an organization born under the name of “La Pureza” in Tampico in 1912 that has left an incredible mark on the beverage industry in our country. In 1926, it became the first bottling group of Coca-Cola in Mexico.

At each stage of its history, this organization has changed its image to “Grupo Tampico” for 34 years.

This new GT GLOBAL identity is not just a change of name and logo; it is the representation of its actions and way of working, reaffirming that it is a dynamic world-class company capable of taking on new challenges and maintaining quality standards aimed at a globalized market through competitive products and services; with the capacity to grow and invest in geographically diverse companies, maintaining leadership in the sectors in which it participates, but with the scoop of preserving the essence and values ​​of its origin and recognizing the efforts of all the generations that have been part of its organization.