Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL Donate to Red Cross to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

Apr 24, 2020

In the face of the global sanitary emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL made a considerable donation to the Southern Tamaulipas Red Cross to support its work in the community.

In April, the Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL gave 150,000 pesos to purchase three hospital kits for the South Delegation of Tamaulipas—which includes the cities of Tampico, Madero, and Altamira. The purpose was to provide the Institution’s staff with adequate protection so they could attend to the situations generated by the pandemic.

The donation took place at the facilities of the Tampico Red Cross with the presence of Sergio Rodríguez Almaguer, Director of Human and Legal Capital of GT GLOBAL, and Mariana Priego, Manager of the Fleishman Foundation. Graciela Maya and Ernesto Aldape, Counselor of the Red Cross, received the donation on behalf of Esteban Fuentes, President of this Institution. They expressed their gratitude to Henry and Robert Fleishman for the donation that will significantly help the Institution’s staff to remain protected as they provide medical support to our citizens.

The three hospital kits are comprised of various materials and supplies, which will be used to care for the greater Tampico, Madero, and Altamira zone:

• 3,000 N95 masks

• 500 pieces of latex gloves

• 300 masks

• 100 Tyvek suits

• 60 liters of alcohol

• 50 liters of antibacterial gel

• 50 pieces of antibacterial liquid soap

• 20 gallons of sanitizer

• 12 infrared thermometers

Through these actions, the Fleishman Foundation and GT Global, chaired by brothers Herman and Robert Fleishman, endorse their commitment and social responsibility to support our community’s health.