Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL Donate $175,000 Worth of Food to Vulnerable Families

May 2, 2020

The Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL, chaired by brothers Herman and Robert Fleishman, made a significant contribution of $175,000.00 to the Asociación Alimentos para la Caridad, A.C., directed by Fernando Astaburuaga. He started the Alimenta Initiative to support families in vulnerable neighborhoods that have been left unprotected due to the situation derived from COVID-19.

Thanks to the efforts led by Fernando Astaburuaga, Alejandra Gómez, and the entire Food for Charity team, it has been possible to implement the Alimenta initiative, which associations support, educational institutions and companies such as the Tampico Campestre Rotary Club, Ankle Steel Mexico, Almex Distributor, Grupo Ibarra, IEST Anáhuac, Tec de Monterrey, Super Cream, Basilico, Tango, Super Salads, Tamales Paty, Arenas del Mar, Hotel Posada de Tampico, Hotel San Antonio, Centro Deportivo Español, and Grupo Santana Vega throughout the process that required to bring Food to the most underprivileged families in our area.

Alimenta is an initiative of Alimentos para la Caridad seeking to provide food to the most vulnerable families in our area on a daily basis. They procure the necessary supplies for cooking, distributing, and delivering adequate food rations to more than 7,000 families across 22 neighborhoods in Altamira, 4 in Cd. Madero, 7 in Tampico, and 3 in Veracruz.

Sergio Rodríguez Almaguer, Director of Human and Legal Capital at GT GLOBAL, and Mariana Priego, Manager at the Fleishman Foundation, effected the donation to Fernando Astaburuaga and Alejandra Gómez from Alimentos para la Caridad, A.C. at the headquarters of GT GLOBAL and Fundación. They recognized the excellent support given by Messrs. Fleishman to local Associations that seek the well-being of the community and more in situations of risk such as the one being experienced.

With this Donation, Alimentos para la Caridad was able to purchase 10 tons of beans and launch Alimenta at the beginning of April.

The Fleishman Foundation and GT GLOBAL reaffirm their commitment to support the area by promoting this initiative together with local civil associations to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.