Opening Ceremony at Volkswagen Tampico

Sep 3, 2020

The celebration was attended by the Municipal President of Tampico, Jesús Nader Nasrallah. Juan Ignacio Haces, Executive Director of Operations, Sergio Rodríguez Almaguer, Executive Director of Human and Legal Capital; Eduardo Eichelmann, Volkswagen, Honda, and Mazda Brand Director, Rafael Godard, KIA, Toyota and Megamotors Brand Director, and Armando Govela General Manager of Volkswagen Tampico attended on behalf of GT GLOBAL.

The event began with welcoming words by Eduardo Eichelmann. He thanked the attendance of President Jesús Nader at this celebration. He then shared the new strategy of the Volkswagen brand, which is renewing itself by taking a new attitude towards the transformation of the world, marking the beginning of a new era with a new face.